How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally

In case of being in a situation where you have to charge your laptop but the laptop charger is not available or maybe is damaged, you can still charge your laptop battery externally.

Laptop’s battery

The external battery charger for manually charging your laptop battery is a handy device that can be used when the laptop charging port or power adapter fails to work has gone missing, or you are in a situation where you cannot access an outlet.

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We will discuss how to charge a laptop battery externally. There are a number of different approaches to externally charging a laptop battery, so let’s look at each one individually. 

Use External Battery Charger

External battery chargers are a great way to charge your laptop’s battery if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.

It is important to make sure that the external charger you use is compatible with your laptop’s power requirements, as using the wrong type of charger can cause damage to your device.

Charging With External Battery Chargers

Charging With External Battery Chargers

Once you have chosen an appropriate external charger for your laptop, the process of charging is simple. First, connect the charger to your laptop using the power adapter that came with it.

Then make sure that the power switch on the charger is in the “on” position and plug it into a wall outlet or other power source.

The battery will begin to charge, and you can monitor the progress by checking the charging indicator light on the device. Once it is lit up, your laptop’s battery is fully charged and ready to go!

To ensure that you get the best results out of your external battery charger, it is important to follow the instructions included with it and to avoid overcharging the device.

Additionally, if you plan on using the charger in a place where there’s no electrical outlet, make sure that it has enough power to last for the duration of your activity.

Overall, external battery charger is an excellent way to keep your laptop powered up even when access to an electrical outlet is limited. Just make sure to choose the right charger for your device and follow all instructions included with it to ensure safe, efficient charging.

With a reliable external battery charger, you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted laptop usage!


Make sure that the external battery charger is compatible with your laptop’s power requirements

Follow the instructions included with the charger

Monitor the charging indicator light on the device to check the progress

Avoid overcharging the battery and make sure it has enough power to last for your activity when using it in a place where there’s no electrical outlet.

BONUS TIP: Plug in your laptop while charging the battery externally to prevent overcharging and ensure more efficient use of energy!


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Charge your laptop using a universal power adapter

Charge your laptop using a universal power adapter

This is the easiest and most reliable way to charge your laptop’s battery externally. You can buy one from a local electronics store or online, but make sure it is compatible with your laptop model before purchasing. 

There are a number of different charging pins attached to a universal adapter. You just have to ensure that the pin matches up with your laptop’s port. After connecting the adapter, you can plug it into any standard wall outlet or use a USB cable to plug it into your laptop/PC.

Once you have the power adapter, plug one end into an electrical outlet and connect the other end to your laptop computer. The laptop should begin charging automatically.

If your laptop doesn’t begin to charge, ensure that the universal power adapter is properly connected and switched on. If it still doesn’t work, try switching out the power adapter for another one or contact customer service for assistance.

It may take several hours to fully charge a laptop battery using a universal power adapter. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a universal laptop charger that has a higher output than the original charger and get your laptop powered up faster.

Charge Through Power Bank

One way to do this is with a power bank. Power banks are portable batteries that have USB ports, allowing you to plug in your laptop and charge it while it’s still powered up. To charge with a power bank, all you need to do is connect your laptop to the power bank using a USB cable.

Make sure that the power bank has enough charge to support the device you want to use it for. Some models are limited in how much charge they can hold, so be aware of this before charging with one.

Solar Charger 

Another option is to charge your laptop with a solar charger. This is an ideal choice for those who often find themselves in outdoor locations, as it requires no external power source other than the sun’s energy.

To use a solar charger, simply place it in direct sunlight and connect the USB cable from your laptop to the solar panel. Make sure the solar panel is not blocked by any objects such as trees or buildings, otherwise it won’t be able to charge your laptop.

AC Adapter 

You can use an AC adapter to charge your laptop externally. This requires a wall outlet and an AC adapter compatible with your laptop model. To use this method, plug the adapter into the wall outlet, then connect it to your laptop.

Be aware that this method can take longer than other methods, as AC adapters are not designed for fast charging.

Charge Through USB

An increasingly popular way to charge a laptop battery externally is to use a USB cable. This method can be used for both PCs and laptops and doesn’t require any additional components or cables.

To get started, simply connect the USB cable from your laptop’s charging port to an external power source. The power source can either be a wall outlet, or a USB port on another device, such as your laptop’s power adapter.

Once the cable is connected, your computer should detect the external power source and start charging your battery.

Make sure you use the correct type of cable for charging – not all cables are compatible with every device. If you have problems connecting to your power source, try using a different USB cable that is designed for charging.


In conclusion how to charge a laptop battery externally is possible, but it requires extra caution and knowledge of the correct safety protocols.

Additionally, you should always use the correct type of charger and cable for your laptop, as using an incompatible charger can cause damage to both the laptop and its battery.

To ensure your safety while charging a laptop battery externally, make sure that you always unplug the laptop before connecting the charger.

Use a surge protector if possible, and never leave your laptop unattended while it’s charging. Following these tips will help you charge your laptop battery externally safely and effectively.

Modern laptops nowadays have more powerful battery and more backup capacity.

So we hope you understand how to charge a laptop battery manually or you can also said charge laptop battery externally.

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