How To Connect Wired Mouse To Laptop

Are you having trouble connecting your wired mouse to your laptop? This can be a frustrating experience, but with a few simple steps, you can finish it in no time. This article will show you how to connect wired mouse to laptop. This can be a great solution if you are experiencing problems with your touchpad or prefer a mouse. Let’s get started!

Wireless mice can use various wireless technologies; Bluetooth and IR (infrared) are the most common.

What Is A Mouse Input Device?

A mouse input device is a computer peripheral that enables users to interact with the user interface on a computer. They are typically used on desktop computers and laptops but can also be found in gaming consoles and other digital devices. This device is usually operated with either one or two hands depending on its design. A typical mouse has two buttons, a scroll wheel, and sometimes additional buttons for various functions.

How To Connect Wired Mouse To Laptop?

Connecting a wired mouse to your laptop is relatively straightforward. Before you begin, you’ll need the necessary cables or connectors, depending on your mouse type. In most cases, all that’s required is a USB cable.

  • Start by finding the appropriate port on your laptop to connect the mouse. Depending on your laptop’s age, this will usually be a USB or an older PS/2 port. Make sure that it’s connected properly and securely.
  • After identifying and connecting the correct port, you can now plug in the mouse. Most modern mice use a USB connector, but if your laptop has an older PS/2 port, you may need to purchase an adapter.
  • Once the mouse is connected, open the Control Panel and navigate to “Devices and Printers”. You should now see the mouse listed as an available device.
  • Select the mouse and click “Properties” to view additional settings. You can customize your mouse from here if desired, such as changing the pointer speed or enabling advanced features like tracking acceleration.

Once these steps are completed, your wired mouse should be connected and ready to use!

How To Connect Wireless Mouse To Laptop

Do you want extra convenience and comfort while using your laptop? Connecting a wireless mouse is the perfect solution. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to easily connect your wireless mouse to your laptop within no time!

First, start by turning on both devices – the wireless mouse and your laptop. Since most wireless mice require a USB dongle, you will need to plug the USB dongle into any of the available USB ports on your laptop.

Next, press the power button of your mouse to turn it on and ensure that both devices are near each other. Now, wait a few seconds for your laptop to detect the wireless mouse.

How To Connect A Mouse To A Laptop With Bluetooth

If your laptop and mouse both have Bluetooth capabilities, you can easily connect them. Just turn on the Bluetooth feature of both devices, and within a few moments, your laptop should detect the wireless mouse. Once detected, click to pair the two devices together.

Now that you’ve successfully connected your wireless mouse to a USB dongle or Bluetooth, you can easily move it around and use it on your laptop. Enjoy the extra convenience and comfort of using your device!

How To Connect A Ps/2 Mouse to your laptop

Connecting a PS/2 mouse to your laptop can be an easy and convenient way to add a reliable pointing device. This connection method is especially useful when you need precision or speed that cannot be achieved with a wireless mouse. Here are the steps you will need to connect a PS/2 mouse to your laptop successfully.

  • Find a PS/2-to-USB adapter for your laptop. These adapters can usually be found online or in most computer stores.
  • Plug the USB end of the adapter into an available USB port on your laptop and the PS/2 end of the adapter into the mouse.
  • Once the adapter is connected, open up your laptop’s Control Panel and select “Mouse” from the list of options.
  • Go to the “Hardware” tab and click on the “Properties” button. You should see a list of devices that are connected to your laptop.
  • Select the appropriate PS/2 mouse from the list of devices and click “OK.” The mouse should now be operational and ready to use.

Wired Vs. Wireless Mouse

Wired mice are typically much less expensive than their wireless counterparts and offer more reliable performance since they don’t require batteries or any other power source. They also tend to be more durable than their wireless counterparts because they lack moving parts. On the downside, wired mice can be more cumbersome since they need a permanent connection to your laptop or computer.

Wireless mice are less convenient to use than wired mice since it requires you to keep track of the receiver and ensure it’s within range. On the plus side, wireless mice offer more freedom of movement and don’t require any cables, making them great for use in tight spaces or on the go.

Fix: USB Mouse Not Working On Laptop

Have trouble connecting your wired mouse to a laptop computer? Don’t worry – it’s an easy fix. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to use your mouse in no time.

Step 1: Check Your Laptop for a USB Port

A USB port is what allows the connection of your wired mouse to the laptop. First, check to ensure your laptop has at least one USB port. Most laptops have more than one.

Step 2: Plug in Your Mouse

Once you’ve located the correct port on your laptop, plug in the USB connection of your mouse. The connection should fit snugly into the port.

Step 3: Wait for the Installation

Once you’ve plugged in your mouse, the laptop will automatically detect it and begin installing the necessary drivers. This may take a few moments, but your mouse will be ready to use once it’s finished.


In conclusion, How To Connect a Wired Mouse To a computer. Connecting a wired mouse to your laptop is quite simple. All you need to do is plug the mouse into an available USB port and wait for your laptop to install the driver. Once this is done, your mouse should be ready for use! If you have difficulties connecting, please consult your laptop’s user manual or contact customer support to help you get up and running.


Connecting a wired mouse to your laptop is easy. First, identify a USB port on the laptop and plug the USB cable from your mouse into the port. Then, turn on your laptop and allow it to detect and install the necessary drivers for your mouse. Once that is complete, you're ready to use the mouse with your laptop.

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