How To Remove Battery From Acer Laptop

If you are searching that how to remove battery from Acer laptop? Then, you are at the right place. The most common laptop problem is a battery that no longer holds a charge. If your Acer laptop battery is swollen, leaking, making weird noises, or just not working anymore, it’s time to replace it. The tricky part is removing the old battery to put in the new one. 

Different laptops have different design features, but most laptops have a battery that needs to be removed for maintenance or replacement. Even though each model has its challenges, removing the battery is almost always the same process. Read on to learn more about how to remove your Acer laptop’s battery.

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Step 1: Discover the Battery Location of the Acer laptop

To find the location of your Acer laptop battery, look for the battery icon on your computer’s desktop. The battery icon will show you how much power you have left in your battery. Clicking on the icon will take you to your computer’s battery settings. This information will tell you which battery is connected to your laptop and its location. If you can’t find the battery icon, try clicking the “Start” or “Alt” keys on your keyboard. That will open a search box where you can type “battery” to find information about your Acer laptop battery.

Step 2: Turn Off Your Acer Laptop

The first step in removing your Acer laptop battery is to turn off your laptop. You should always turn off your laptop before removing the battery or performing any maintenance on it so that you don’t accidentally damage anything. You can also turn off your laptop using the keyboard shortcut. Press the Alt key and the “F4” key simultaneously to put your computer in off mode. If your laptop uses a touchscreen, you can put it to sleep by swiping from the top of the screen down. All touch-screen PCs don’t sleep on swiping.

Step 3: Find Battery Lock and Release it.

Some Acer laptops have a lock on the side of the battery that must be released with a screwdriver before the battery can be removed from the computer. If your laptop has a lock, find the screw on the outside of the battery case that you need to turn to release the lock on your Acer laptop battery. If you can’t find a screw, there may be a button that needs to be depressed before removing the battery. And If you can’t find a screw or button, a pull tab on the side of the battery case may need to be removed to unlock the battery. If you find a tab, pull it out of the battery case and set it aside, so you don’t lose it. Once the lock is released, you can remove the battery.

Step 4: Remove the Case Cover of the Acer laptop

If your Acer laptop has a removable case cover, remove it before accessing the battery. Slide a butter knife or thin, flat-bladed tool between the laptop and the computer to open the case. Then, remove the screws that you find holding the case together. You will likely find screws on the computer case’s back, top, and bottom. Once you have the screws removed, you can slide the computer case off to access the battery.


Step 5: Disconnect Acer laptop Battery Cables.

Your Acer laptop battery is connected to your computer by two wires. The red wire connects to the positive side of the battery, and the black wire connects to the negative. You will need to disconnect these two wires before removing the battery. The best way to do this is to use pliers to squeeze the wire clamps on the battery cables and then slide the clamps off the battery terminals. Some Acer Laptop batteries have a clamp that must be unscrewed to release the terminals. You can find the battery clamp on the side of the battery case.

Step 6: Slide Out the Old Battery

To remove the old battery, first use a butter knife or other thin, flat-bladed tool to pry the battery out of the case. If there is any silicone sealant around the edges of the battery, clean it off to ensure no leftover sealant ends up causing a short circuit in your new battery. Once the old battery is out of the case, use a clean cloth to wipe out the case and make sure no debris gets left behind. You can use a multimeter to test the old battery’s voltage to ensure it’s no longer usable. Place the probes of the multimeter on either end of the battery terminals. If the multimeter reads anything, the battery is bad and needs to be replaced. If the multimeter reads “0,” the battery is dead and doesn’t need to be replaced.

Extra steps for Acer laptops with sealed batteries

Some Acer laptop batteries, like the Aspire S7 and S9 models, are sealed shut and can’t be opened. In this case, replacing the entire computer is the only way to remove the old battery. You can find a list of all Acer laptops with sealed batteries on the company’s website. If you have an Acer laptop with a sealed battery, you will have to buy a new computer rather than replace the battery.

How to remove battery from Acer laptop: Conclusion

Laptop batteries are not designed to last forever, but they have a lifespan that you can extend by taking care of them. It will last longer if you keep your battery charged to 30% and plugged in when you’re not using it. If you want to charge your battery, make sure the charger is plugged into a surge protector or power strip. And if you need help getting your battery replaced, call an Acer laptop repair company or call an expert and ask how to remove battery from Acer laptop.

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